Nowadays, many business owners and managers are well aware of the importance of appropriate protection of their business. Either accurate or inaccurate risk assessment or properly or improperly selected insurance coverage can determine the future of a business in the event of a fire, natural disaster, accident, or in case of a claim put forward by the third parties against the company for damages caused by it.

How can you assess whether the insurance cover is adequate for securing the objectives of a company and that it best meets your company’s needs? Obviously, you could easily get confused by an abundant choice of insurance contracts having different terms, prices and insurance amounts. On this point, Aon Baltic professionals will help you to understand and identify the needs of the company, choose (and if necessary create) the insurance policy that best fits your specific requirements; we will use simple and plain language to explain you anything that you don’t understand with regards to insurance contracts, and, in case of an accident, we will arrange for all losses to be compensated as soon as possible.