Unique Insurance Solutions

Personalized insurance solutions are one of the exclusive services provided by “Aon Baltic”. We create and implement comprehensive insurance programs for both individual companies and groups of companies – no matter how broadly or differently their field of activities or territories is divided. By creating and adopting a single, transparent insurance policy, we give our customers the opportunity to clearly understand and manage the risks and costs within an individual establishment or group.

The main purpose of this solution is to optimally protect assets, financial flows, responsibilities, and human resources. Implementation of this program allows to reduce the cost of both direct (contributions) and indirect (e.g. franchises, uninsured losses, loss prevention costs, administration costs, etc.) insurance costs.

Creating and implementing an individual insurance solution often requires a lot of time and effort. Majority of this work is carried out by us. In cases where insurance program is implemented by bringing together efforts, customers can undoubtedly allow themselves to return to insurance issues once a year, and spend the rest of their time concentrating on the core business activities of the company.

This service is especially appreciated by Lithuanian companies operating in the territory of Estonia, Latvia, where integrated insurance programs ensure the compatibility of insurance cover and insurance policy conditions (prices).

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