Cyber Risks

Responding to the situation:

  • costs for informing individuals about violation of their personal data;
  • informing the supervisory authority about the data violation;
  • financial monitoring of potential use of information (quick cash loans, etc.);
  • independent audit of systems to clarify the causes and extent as well as an exploratory examination (mandatory by law enforcement agency).

Cyber ​​liability:

  • third-party financial losses due to hackers attack or virus that spread through computer systems of the policyholder (or Cloud service provider).

Fines and Penalties

  • Fines and penalties imposed by the Supervisory Authority are compensated indefinitely, within the limits of the amount covered.

Business Interruption

  • The loss of profit during the period in which the company’s computer system (or the system of cloud service provider) did not operate (operated less than full capacity) due to hacker attacks, virus or intentional damage, and reputational damage.

Reimbursement of recovery or restoration costs for damage, destruction, theft of digital assets:

  • personal information of individual clients;
  • confidential business information of customers;
  • software and systems;
  • company web site;
  • data held with third parties.

Research Costs

  • Costs and expenses to prepare for the (legally, technically) inspection of the Supervision Authority subject to an actual or alleged breach of data security.

Privacy Liability

  • Actual or suspected data breach where the information is disclosed (leaked, available to the public) such as:
  • disclosure of personally identifiable information;
  • failure to properly and timely inform individuals about the data violation;
  • disclosure of confidential information, commercial secrets (breach of a confidentiality agreement);
  • legal defense costs and damages to third parties are compensated.

Ransom – false allegations to threaten the victim on the following:

  • blocking of access to computer systems of businesses ( Cloud Provider);
  • infecting enterprise computer systems with a virus;
  • disclosure of the company’s confidential information or confidential information entrusted to the company;
  • sharing defamatory information about the company online;
  • the insurer will reimburse for the costs of the services of an independent IT security consultant for determining the reasonableness of the threat and for professional advice to prevent the threat and the insurer will also compensate an amount of ransom you have paid (provided that the above-mentioned measures were not very efficient and have not worked).

Criminal Actions:

  • losses due to unauthorized money transfer;
  • bank fraud on business accounts or corporate credit cards;
  • losses due to fraudulent manipulation of documents in electronic format;
  • corporate identity fraud (taking credit, signing a contract, etc.);

expenditure and costs on information and customer compensation where persons seeking to obtain unjust enrichment send email messages on behalf of the company or create fake websites (e.g. payment reminder).

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