Risk Assessment Services

Risk assessment in companies is usually beneficial in two ways. Firstly, risk assessment helps you identify the most vulnerable areas of your business and make adequate decisions in time to minimize the risks they pose. Secondly, the insurance companies (where the requirements are set by the reinsurers and the shareholders), when determining the price and conditions of the insurance coverage, value the customers with the reputation of the responsible companies, objectively and transparently providing the necessary information, perceiving and prudently managing risks. In many cases, it is practically impossible to insure large business objects (high range of concentration, risk of increased size and/ or frequency) without a proper overview of risk profile.

Risk assessment is carried out by specially trained experts – risk assessors. We can safely assume that “Aon Baltic” experts are one of the most professional risk assessors in the Baltic States. In exceptional cases (for example, when insurance companies require the risk to be assessed by internationally recognized valuers), our clients’ risk overviews are carried out and reports are issued by certified international experts, widely recognized by international insurance companies.

We also advise and provide advice to companies preparing to build new or reconstruct existing facilities. This helps to anticipate and minimize future threats and economize costs in terms of future insurance and risk management.

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